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"its the tropics"

This is our disclosure page.

We want all our guests to be aware before coming that you are coming to a tropical jungle with lots of critters.

All night the cocqui frogs sing, they are loud. When the weather is ideal for them (warm & wet) they are very loud. We have several types of lizards including two kinds of house geckoes. A few will be in your house. Some are as beautiful as a living jewel (that is the sort that makes noticeable poops.)

There are mosquitoes, especially early and late in the day.

There are tiny red biting ants. We do our best to keep them out of the houses and off the fruit trees, but they are around. We also know some remedies if bites do happen...

Wild pigs visit our area at night. Its good to be aware when going outside in the dark.

The ocean is incredible here, also dangerous. We recommend being very careful near the ocean. When in doubt about the safety of entering the water ask a local on the scene.

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