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Here is a map link showing some of the fun things to do here, and showing the Pahoa, Kalapana, Kapoho loop scenic drive. This map does not yet show changes resulting form the 2018 East Rift Zone eruption that inundated parts of lower Puna district

Available everyday in the immediate area are:

Kehena Beach itself! 3 minutes walk to the top of the trail.

Walking along the coast trail, the coastal road, or just around our peaceful neighborhood.

Ask to arrange private tours of the nearby Keauohana Forest Reserve: a rare intact Hawaiian lowland rainforest, only a short distance away from Kehena with easy roadside access to a one mile loop trail.

Kaimu, about 3 miles away offers:

 Kalapana Corner store

 Kalapana Cultural Tours/ Uncle Robert's Awa Club: A local family-run cultural and live entertainment center. An easy walk to a "new" Black Sand Beach begins here.

 Pahoa town 20 minutes away offers a new olympic size public pool, restaurants & shops, and sometimes evening entertainment.

ALSO IN LINKS (button on the left) there is a link to a website showing ongoing area activities. 

Special treats to check out are:Saturday Farmer's Market at Uncle Robert's: 8-12 Food, produce, juice, crafts, live music, and beverages.

Wednesday Night Market at Uncle Robert's in Kaimu (end of the road, 5 minutes away) with beverages, live Hawaiian music, lots of good eats, and abundant aloha.

Sunday afternoon drum circle at Kehena Beach

. Set up a guided tour to see surface lava flows when available...


For those who want to see the local produce, crafts and popular foods, we have a thriving local farmer's market scene. 

Small Farmer's Market early Sunday morning at the Volcano Community Center (Wright Rd)

Farmer's Market in downtown Hilo Saturday & Wednesday mornings.

Big Farmer's Market on Sundays 8-2 near Makuu St, between Pahoa and Keaau.

There is a big Sunday morning market on the Highway between Pahoa & Keaau, and a small high quality farmer's market in Volcano early on Sunday morning. Going to the early morning Volcano market can often be combined with a trip into Volcanoes National Park a few minutes away for a hike or a visit to the visitor center or the Volcano art gallery (featuring local artists.)

Downtown Hilo has a farmer?s market which is open every day, but is bustling on Saturday and Wednesday mornings. There are several museums in Hilo and a planetarium.

Day and Half Day Trips

Pohoiki new black sand beach and 2018 lava flow margin: about 20 minutes

Hilo Town and Beach Parks about 45 minutes

Volcanoes National Park about 1.5 hours away

A short walk from us is an ironwood forest fringing the seacliff with perched tidepools. A trip down the coast by bike or car can take you to more tidepools where black and white sands mix together, a coconut grove where water sometimes comes in and fills up lagoons, an area with protected snorkeling pools.

In Pohoiki 8 miles away is access to the 2018 lava flow terminus, the new beach, warm springs and local color.

There are miles of coastline to explore.

Wednesday night Uncle Robert?s (nearby) features a thriving market with plenty of great food ready to eat as well as crafts , basic produce, and live music. Awa may be served many afternoons & nights in an intimate club atmosphere.

For dancers we have frequent live music nearby, and a weekly ecstatic dance every Sunday

Whale watching, dive trips, and hiking and boat trips are all possibilities well worth investigating. Please inquire for specifics....

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