Kehena Honey House

Kehena Beach Hawaii Vacation Rentals, near Kalapana on the Big Island of Hawaii



Welcome to our Kehena garden spot near Kalapana.




Our guest lodgings are two unique private houses situated

in a tropical garden and orchard.  


The HONEY HOUSE  is a delightful 480 sq ft stand-alone studio. Featuring  custom woodwork and a large custom tiled shower.



 NECTAR SUITE is brand new. NECTAR STUDIO was just completely refinished and has a new kitchen and bath. On the same lovely property, Nectar house has many of the same features as the Honey House.   Nectar can be rented as a whole 2 bedroom / 2 bath house or as two soundproofed apartments.

Both houses have big windows and fans.  There is also an outdoor shower in the garden. Both kitchens are fully equipped with gas range, refrigerator, blender, coffee maker, cookware, dishes and utensils. An outdoor barbeque grill is available. Both houses and the outdoor shower in the garden all have filtered and ultraviolet purified water at all faucets.

There is off street parking right outside.

WIFI is available in both houses.



Your stay on this lush acre situates you within a tropical garden and fruit tree orchard we have been farming for over 20 years.  Tall bearing coconut palms, slender papayas and clumps of banana share space with plantings of pineapples and garden veggies. In the summer months pineapples and papayas are often abundant. In the winter months avocados and citrus fruits are in season. Bananas and other treats are frequently available from our garden any time of year. Exotics like jaboticaba and breadfruit are available seasonally. We usually have lots of fruit to share.


The neighborhood of Kehena beach is a special place. It is a kipuka, literally a hole in the lava flow, where the aina (land) has been completely surrounded, but not covered.  A kipuka can be easily distinguished from the adjacent lava flow because it has older vegetation growing on it. Ours abounds in abundant green fertility. Beautiful and sweet smelling flowers tantalize. Colorful lizards and our flock of ducks are among the animals you will encounter. It is a balmy climate with moist air and warm fragrant nights complete with a chorus of coqui tree frogs. Our whole property is clothing optional.



Best of all, for beach lovers, is that Kehena black sand clothing optional beach is only a 3-5 minute walk away. It is far enough away so that the beach traffic is never an issue. Yet it is close enough so that you can walk through our neighborhood, down the trail at the end of Kii Nani St., cross the Kalapana Kapoho Beach Rd. and on down the cliff trail to the beach.



Kehena beach is a tropical gem. Tiny bits of olivine are scattered throughout the black lava sand. The sunrise is fantastic here on the south east coast. At daybreak people seeking solitude, a place to stretch and do yoga, meditate or swim, make their way down to the beach. The descent down the beach trail opens up a vista of the ocean. Sparkling with tradewind wavelets the sea beckons. The wind might pause and the conditions glass off. The tides rise and fall, sand and ili ili pebbles move and change. In the afternoon the beach gets more of a crowd, and becomes a great social scene and meeting place.

It is a big party on Saturday and there is an epic weekly drum circle every Sunday afternoon.

Spinner dolphins are frequent visitors any time of year. The humpback whales travel our waters from November to March.


We are 3 miles from Kalapana and 5 from Kilauea, home of Pele, goddess of the volcano, bringer of lava flows and changes. She casts her spell over this locale.  We are blessed by prevailing trade winds so air quality is usually very good.


Recent lava activity has been happening in Kalapana about 6 miles away. Lava is flowing actively into the ocean. Tours are available by bicycle and by boat. You can park 3 miles away and walk to the lava flow, or rent a bicycle to ride to the flow.



                                               Surface lava flow-Kalapana


                                         Lava flowing into ocean-Kalapana



Volcanoes Nat'l Park has also been exciting lately with Hale Maumau caldera very active.


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Many great day trips and half day trips are available in this area. There are coastal areas, tide pools, warm springs, surf spots, fishing, hiking to explore. There are frequent farmer's markets, musical events, dances to check out.

See AREA ACTIVITIES page for ideas.




On the other hand one can just relax.

Eat some homegrown fresh fruit.

Take a stroll to the beach.

Get wet, lay on hot black sand in sun or shade.

Listen to the rhythmic music of the waves.

Tune in to the sounds of nature and just bliss out.


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Aloha and welcome to our garden.  
IF both of our bungalows are booked for your proposed stay you can check our LINKS page for some other possible places to stay in the area.